Sunday, April 12, 2009

Ingrid's First Easter!

Ingrid got an Easter basket with fun toys. Brendan said he'd eat her jelly beans and I just looked at him--you think I got our 10 month old daughter candy?? Oh, he was joking.
She got a shaker like the ones we use at story time, which she thought was cool.

She also loved the plastic grass.

We went to Corie's for dinner. As always, Ingrid loves to play with the kids. Keilah and Camden won't leave her alone, it's sweet.

They had fun finding Easter eggs.

Ingrid had fun, too, until it was late afternoon and she was overtired and feeling sick. Isn't that the most pathetic looking kid you've ever seen??

But we left and she slept almost the whole way home. It was a long day.

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