Sunday, March 3, 2013


This winter is taking FOREVER to end!  We got so spoiled with last year, where it didn't snow and it was spring like weather most of the winter.  And then this year we are hit with tons of snow, and everyone is sick, all the time. 
Otis has had a cold for...ever?  I don't even know how long.  It never really goes away, poor kid.
 To add to this fun, Otis has given up naps.  It's been four days.  Four long, tired, tear filled afternoons.  He's fine until about 3:30, then he hits a wall and nothing is right, he cries at everything, and I have to make it until 6pm when I can put him to bed.  Why do my kids think naps are optional?  THEY AREN'T!  Everyone needs a nap. 
Ingrid got a stomach bug this weekend, so she's been pretty much laying on the couch since Friday.  My poor girl, usually so full of energy, she's just so lethargic. 
 But it's March!  Spring is right around the corner and with it will come more fresh air, and hopefully less germs.  Stupid winter.

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Big brother, Little sister. said...

Sending you all healthy vibes! And sunshine! Hope Otis finds that 3-6 time a bit easier too xx