Friday, November 30, 2012

The Mice in Our Garage

The other night I drove Brendan's car, which we park in our garage.  I never ever go in our garage since I never ever drive his car.  So I had no idea we had critters in the garage.  When I came home, the headlights showed me lots of little ones running and hiding.  I didn't really think too much about it, it's a garage.  Then Ingrid wanted to get the Christmas stuff out.
One box made it inside when we moved, but somehow one got left in the garage.  I opened it up and found a bunch of red fluff, which I couldn't figure out what it was.  It was everywhere!!  And then I saw the poo.  And then I saw the holes in the stockings.  Those little f'ers chewed through five stockings, a vintage tablecloth, and some tissue paper.  Ingrid was a bit upset she didn't have a stocking to hang up.  Luckily she knew we have time to get more.
Luckily she has a mom that sews stuff :) 
That night I set out to make some new stockings.  These are the ones I made when she was small.  These are the ones I made this week.
I like them so much I think I might make some to sell at the show I have next weekend!
Speaking of shows, the one I did this week was at a country club and it totally made me laugh to be there.  It was just kind of fancy and not really my style.  Oh well, I like how my table turned out and it's always good to get another show under my belt.
 Holidays are so busy, it's nice to keep doing things but I think I will like the chance to breathe after they are done!!



Preparing for Peanut said...

OMG! We have a mouse too! IN OUR HOUSE. We cannot catch him. We've had terminix out and still no end to the mouse problem. Good luck with yours!

Also, I'm taking your lead on stockings. We don't have any and I'm going to attempt to sew some...yikes! Yours are adorable!

maryanne @ mama smiles said...

We had mice in our garage. I'm not a fan!

Your shop looks super cute!