Thursday, September 27, 2012


It has started.  The months and months of someone, possibly everyone, being snotty nosed.  My poor kids are raw from nose blows and drool.  And cranky.  I'm cranky, too.  And it's only September.
 So we have been wearing our pj pants a lot during the afternoons, playing guys and cars with Brendan's old Fisher Price set, finding colorful leaves, and today we did an easy peasy Halloween craft I found on pinterest.  Simple paper ghosts and pumpkins taped to a circle to make a little wreath!  It took us a good long time to do but was super easy and not messy at all.  The perfect craft in my book.


Fiona said...

Sorry you guys are sick. I hope it doesn't last the whole Winter...

And that wreath is super cute. One to try with the girls I think.

Amber Liddle said...

Fiona, we actually have one made for the girls!! We have to finish it up after school today and it will go out with a package we have for Emily :)