Monday, September 17, 2012

Bay View Bash

This weekend was Bay View Bash, yet another street fair with tons of beer, music, and assorted junk to look at.  We went with our neighbors and immediately found the bounce house, the only reason Ingrid wanted to go!  Along with the bounce houses, they had bean bag toss games, mini golf, a place to make your own buttons.
 And they had a place where you could get a tattoo!  Otis got an anchor with a mermaid.  He is tough.  Rogan, our neighbor and Ingrid's best bud, is obsessed with Spiderman, and of course chose a spider.  Ingrid got a puppy.  She didn't like it, she made me take it off as soon as we got home.
It was kinda trashy, lots of junky things for sale and a LOT of drunk old people cramming the street.  At four in the afternoon.  It is Milwaukee, after all.  But nonetheless, it's a fun way to spend a couple hours on an otherwise boring Saturday. 

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