Monday, March 12, 2012

Huge Weekend!

It was busy busy busy around here this weekend!  First of all, Friday night was Grandma's birthday dinner.  And cake.  Yum. 

Then Saturday morning the kids stayed home to play with Grandma and Grandpa and Brendan and I went with our realtor to look at a million houses.  Hoo boy, there were some doozies!  There was one house that had original tile in yellow and turquoise, it was amazing, but there was absolutely no space for a fridge.  Huh?  And another place that was a foreclosure and had actual holes in the walls...

Then we went to Madison to visit friends.  Ingrid loves these girls, it's so awesome to get to hang out with our friends and know she's having a good time, too!
 Yesterday we had a whirlwind day as well.  After forgetting about the time change and being pleasantly surprised that it was 7am when we woke up and not 6am, our morning flew by as I tried getting bunnies cut out for a wholesale order.  Brendan kept the kiddos busy with the guitar.
At 11 we were going to an open house for a house in our neighborhood that I was super excited to look at.  It did NOT disappoint!  Both Brendan and I were excited as we walked through it, and last night we put in an offer!  AAAAHHHH!  It's all happening!  We find out today what's going on with it and I'm on pins and needles.  Cross your fingers for us, we would really love this house.  It's three beds and two baths and a family room and only four blocks from the Montessori school!  We want it.  Bad.

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Fiona said...

We have everything crossed for you guys.
Can't wait to hear more about the house - how exciting!