Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Big Dude

Otis is becoming quite the little toddler.  I remember it happening with Ingrid, too--one day she wasn't such a baby anymore...This dude is growing like mad, I had to go through his clothes and get his summer stuff out and I was amazed it all fit.  I remember thinking it would be the fall before he'd fit into the 24mo. stuff we had as hand-me-downs, but nope, he's wearing it now.  Today he was a real pisser, just crying at every little thing.  I looked into his mouth while he was screaming and found a random molar on top I had no idea he was even getting!  Makes total sense now.

Fun things Otis is doing these days--dancing.  Which is really just flailing his arms around while smiling.  And pretending to eat food--that's my favorite.  He will pick food off a book picture and bring his fingers by his mouth and say nom nom.  It's incredible.  Tonight we went to dinner with the grandparents and they were highly amused by him using a fork and pretending to eat food that wasn't there.  Just as big of a ham as his sister--I think I have two major extroverts on my hands here, no quiet wallflowers in this family!

Nothing but love for this little guy.


MissShapes said...

You seriously have two of the cutest kids. I just love the picture of Otis in the rocking horse!

MissShapes said...
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