Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Play Time

We  went to a friend's house yesterday and hung out with their kids.  I used to nanny for the boys, they are so big now!!  We reminisced about how I used to take naps with Peter when I was pregnant with Ingrid.  That was by far the best part of being a nanny while being pregnant--nap time! 

But now the boys are huge and they have a baby sister added in the mix!  Greta and Otis are exactly a week apart! 

It's interesting talking with Sally about developmental differences in Down's kids.  Greta is getting her first tooth just now.  She is sitting but not crawling.  Just little things that I take for granted with Otis getting bigger and getting mobile!  But oh, she is the sweetest thing.  And her brothers just love her so much!  We had so much fun, I hope to see them again soon!


MaryAnne said...

What fun! Glad you were able to reconnect with old friends!

becky v said...

Greta is precious! And I love those overalls on Otis.