Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Life Pictures

Random shots from everyday life. 
Daddy play time:
Fabulous boys:
Mama and her mini-me:
A dog says what?

We took Otis to his year checkup and found that Fat Man is now bigger than Ingrid was at this age.  He's almost 23 lbs and 31" long.  Big kid.


MaryAnne said...

Go, Otis! He knows how to GROW!

Love these pics, especially that one of you and Ingrid! Definitely your daughter!!! And Otis in sunglasses is awesome.

Fiona said...

Love the one of you and Ingrid.
And of course the dog ones are super cute.

becky v said...

Otis IS big!! Ethan hasn't even hit 20 lbs. yet. Even the girls are all outweighing him. :)
Is Cody living with you again? He is so cute!!