Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Weekend is OVER!

Oh my god, this weekend has taken forever to get done!  I am exhausted.  My mom came yesterday, dear lord, was that only yesterday??  She got here just before Ingrid got home from ballet, and it was a non-stop play fest until bedtime. 

I've been putting these bandanas on Otis to catch all the droooooool he's been producing.  I think one year molars are starting their trek upward.  Joy.  He looks like such a little bandit with this on!  And a lot like Ingrid did when she wore them :)

And then today was the gnome and toadstool party.  It was super fun, and super crazy, and we all had fun.  But it's been a long day and I'll get to that tomorrow.

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becky v said...

LOVE Ingrid's outfit! And the bandanas are a great idea. I've finally started putting bibs on Ethan during non-eating times because drool just pours out of him all day. Otis DOES look like a bandit. :)

Can't wait to hear about the party!!