Monday, December 5, 2011

Camera Debacle, and Ballet

So last week after Art Vs Craft, when I had a ton of stuff I hadn't sold that I had to take pictures of so I could list them in the shop in time for Christmas, my camera bites the dust.  Just up and refuses to take any pictures. How frustrating!  This weekend I took it into a local camera place and they told me I would have to send it in and it would be around $300 to get it fixed.  Damn!  Instead I got a used body since my lens still worked.  I took it home, played around with it, then hooked it up to my computer to see how the pictures turned out.  My computer gave me some BS about installing drivers, which I HAD, and how there weren't any installed, which there WERE.  I was nearly in tears--do you know how many things I missed taking pictures of because I didn't have my camera??  Tons!  Otis in the cutest vintage shirt, Ingrid in her ballet outfit! 

I was about to give up, but luckily my friend is a professional photographer who uses Canon products and she said their service people were excellent.  This morning I called to talk to a lovely man who walked me through the steps to get my camera working again.  It still might need to get looked at but as for now IT IS WORKING!  No $300 spent, just a little toggle of a few buttons and a reset of the autofocus and I'm back in business.  Then I asked him, out of curiosity, how to get the 20D working with my computer, and again, it was a simple task of changing something in the menu.  Viola!  Both cameras working, no money spent, a fifteen minute phone call. 

Suck it, local camera place!

Anyway, I did manage to get some pics from the iPad, which are crappy!  How does this thing not take good pictures??  With all the technology from Apple, you'd think they would manage to put a decent camera on their iPad...But, I needed photographic evidence of Ingrid's first ballet class, so here are some grainy shots of her in leotard, tights, slippers, and her hair pulled back.  You have no idea how hard it is for me to get her to pull her freakin' hair back, so this is major!

She loved her class, by the way.  I didn't.  The gym it was in was split in half and the other side had a basketball game going on.  A very LOUD basketball game, complete with cheers, buzzers, etc.  You couldn't hear a thing going on in the ballet class, not even the music coming out of the huge speakers.  I complained and they told me they had limited capacity and this was all they could do.  No other rooms available.  Well here's a thought:  don't schedule basketball and ballet at the same time!!  It's hard enough for 3 and 4 year olds to listen in a quiet setting, and much harder when there is a roaring basketball game five feet away...

Hopefully we will have no more troubles with my camera, since Otis' first birthday party is next weekend!!  Gnomes and toadstools, it's gonna be a rager!

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