Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Thank you, thrift store gods!

I've been trying to remember that I don't need to buy new stuff. I would like to look at second hand or consignment stores for things as much as I can. It's both cheaper and better for everyone involved--I get a deal, someone got to clean out their closet, no one had to make another item or use up anymore resources, and usually the money goes to a good cause. However, I sometimes forget. But after this week I think someone was trying to tell me to check the thrift stores first!!

I wanted to get the book Chicka Chicka Boom Boom for Ingrid and when I went to Salvation Army, there it was! In a big huge bin where you could pick as many books that fit in a bag and pay one small price.

Then I saw this old timey top toy and wanted to get it for her, and when I was at Goodwill today, guess what was there!! For 50cents!

Also, I noticed our sheet was ripped and thought, oh great, I have to buy a stupid sheet set. I hate buying sheet sets b/c we don't use the flat sheet and I have loads of pillowcases. I only need the fitted sheet, really. But if you buy the fancy ones that come separately, they cost a fortune. Again, I go to Goodwill today and there is a perfectly nice Marshall Field's yellow queen size fitted sheet for $1. Sold!

I just think to when I've needed something and 9 times out of 10 I go looking at a thrift store and can find it. I love that! Ingrid loves her thrifted items, too :)


Sara Haley said...

Yay, thrift stores! LOL Generally, if I want something, I just put it on my "I want" list, and same here, I generally find them at the thrift stores. Of course, you can't say, oh, I need this, I'll get it there, but other than things like milk and diapers, everything else is just a want, so if I find it at the thrift store, woo hoo! :) Good finds--I don't think I even have that kind of luck!

Lyndsey said...

I LOVE thrift stores! My most recent finds include, tons of clothes for my little one, and a whole HUGE ball of wool.

sunnymama said...

I love your thrift store finds! Here they're called charity shops and that's where we get nearly everything we own. I love charity shopping so much, I work in one too. Sunnyboy comes to work with me and is becoming an avid charity shopper as well. If we see something new we want but can't afford he says "we'll look for one in the charity shop". There are so many benefits to buying secondhand :)