Monday, May 18, 2009

Book Sharing Monday

Because it's Ingrid's first birthday tomorrow, we went for a book called The Birthday Presents by Paul Stewart, Illustrated by Chris Riddell. It's about a bunny and hedgehog who give each other presents they think the other will like. The hedgehog thinks the bunny's burrow must be gloomy and dark, so he gives him a bottle of moonlight. The rabbit thinks the hedgehog must be frightened by the noisy, bright space he sleeps in, so he gives his friend a box of coziness. Each one feels he doesn't need the gift given to him, but they find other ways to use them.

The rabbit drinks water from his bottle so he'll never be thirsty again.

The hedgehog uses his box to catch slugs so he'll never be hungry again.

It's a cute story with even cuter pictures!

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