Monday, May 4, 2009

Paper Shredder

Last night before her bath Ingrid came into our room and crawled under the desk to get into the paper shredder (just the box, not the actual blade part!) I had just stuffed a bunch of paper in there and never shredded it, so she sat for a good half hour taking all the papers out, looking carefully at them, and then, to our amazement, she started putting the paper back in! Pretty soon maybe she'll start putting her books away after she throws them all around!

It was all fun until Brendan took her out of the room for her bath and I actually used the shredder. She burst into tears and wouldn't stop crying even after I'd stopped and Brendan held onto her. She isn't a scared baby but man, when she does get scared, she gets terrified!! So along with Gramma's blow up mattress, the shredder will not be used ever again...

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sunnymama said...

Sunnyboy was scared of our shredder too! I stopped using it at all when he was awake but actually the other day we were somewhere else and someone started using a shredder and sunnyboy didn't bat an eyelid. I can shred again! How cool that Ingrid put the paper back after she'd studied it :)