Saturday, April 13, 2013

Rain, Snow, Sun, What? Or, Let me Complain About This.

It's been raining ALL week.  Every day, rain rain rain.  I got Ingrid a pair of (purple, naturally) rain boots, but couldn't find a rain coat for her. 

I had a rain coat for Otis but couldn't find a pair of rain boots for him.  Do you know how RIDICULOUS it is that Target, a Minneapolis based store, doesn't carry season-appropriate clothes?  In March I needed a pair of pants for Otis, they only had shorts.  March.  March.  It is snowing out in March, I need PANTS.  Now it's April, and what is that old saying?  Oh yeah, April showers bring May flowers.  IT RAINS IN APRIL!  Which means people will be needing rain boots and rain coats.  But no...none of the above at any store in the Milwaukee area unless you want to buy super expensive things like at REI or similar outdoorsy store.  Which I do not, thank you very much. 
I am an Amazon prime member, so I always look there when I have to order something.  Even they didn't have any size 8 rain boots for less than $40.  Otis is my last kid, there is no one to hand it down to, I'm not doing it.  Sigh...
Went to LL Bean today, got a rain coat for Ingrid and boots for Otis and it took me five seconds to find what I wanted.  No browsing around, no price comparison, they were cute, they were on sale, call it a day. 
Anyway, complaint over, I think.  Just learning my lesson that apparently you have to shop for things you'll need in April right after Christmas...
In other news, it has been a bit schizophrenic around these parts lately.  After a few nice days where we went out without coats on, it rained for a week.  Then this morning I looked outside and it was snowing.  Then on the way home from running errands the sun was shining so bright I was blinded.  Now it's dreary and gray again.  Come on, make up your mind.  It's making us crazy!
The other day we got hungry for something sweet.  I had gotten a few new vintage Pyrex things at the thrifts, so we put them to good use.  My favorite recipe--the Better Homes and Gardens Cookbook's One Bowl Chocolate Cake.  It makes an 8" square cake, which is the perfect amount.  We also made bright pink frosting to go on top.  Ingrid wanted purple but I wasn't up to the task of mixing colors so she settled for pink.  It was delicious.
This weekend is going to be very chill I can already tell.  I don't think any of us have any motivation to do much of anything.  We got the movie Cars 2 at the library this morning and we will be sitting around watching that.  The sun needs to make its way back out!!

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maryanne @ mama smiles said...

I had the same problem trying to but Johnny pants this year!