Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Lazy Blogging

Sorry, people, just not feeling up to blogging lately.  We haven't been doing much of anything, just trying to get outside every day, dreaming of what we'll do when it's summer.  I have big ideas of raised garden beds, a patio with a fire pit, and a bright red door!  We'll see how much of that actually happens though, I guess!
 We had Easter at Brendan's parent's house.  The kids were excited to find the Easter eggs I hid.  Ingrid asked all excitedly "I wonder what's in them?!" even though she helped me fill them (jelly beans and pennies!)
 Brendan's aunt and uncle were in town, we haven't seen them since our wedding seven years ago!  Which means they'd never met the kids.  They brought them presents, it was so sweet of them!  Otis took to the blue doll and has been toting it around with him everywhere, along with the little bottle.  It was pretty adorable, as he was falling asleep he'd hold his baby, and every once in awhile he'd hold the bottle up and say "eat, baby, shhh."  Be still my heart!

Other than that, not much going on.  Just living life, enjoying April!

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