Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Perfect Saturday

Yesterday we had friends over for a cookout.  I was a little worried about how hot it's been, thinking we'd end up hanging out inside in the air conditioning, but luckily the heat wave broke a bit and it was in the high 70s instead of the high 90s.  And there was a nice breeze blowing, it was perfect!  We got outside bright and early, of course, to clean up the backyard and set stuff up.  Ingrid moved all the chairs into a train for her dolls, just like I used to do.  Otis helped by singing Rock a bye Baby to Ingrid's doll.
 Our friends came after naptime, and we had fun being out in the now cooler weather.  I made a tent on the clothesline that all the kids liked to play in.  They had some little pony toys and Goldfish crackers and were in heaven.
Ingrid loves her friends Camryn and Ellie.  They had so much fun together, we didn't have to watch them at all, they just ran around and played all day long.  For some reason, they decided to dress up in Ingrid's pjs and bring out musical instruments to give us a concert.
 Poor Otis tried to keep up with them, but he just couldn't.  They would run up and down the stairs while he was trying to crawl his way up the first time.  Then he'd sit there and cry, go back down, and watch as the girls ran back up the stairs again.  Oh, just you wait, Ingrid!  Next year he'll be able to keep up with you and you won't be able to get rid of him!
The party lasted until bedtime, when both my kids passed out from sheer exhaustion.  Honestly, I may have also passed out soon after.  In fact, I may or may not have gone upstairs and gotten into my pjs while Brendan was still saying good bye to our friends.  When your kid gets up at the crack of dawn, I think you should be excused if you want to be asleep by 9pm, am I right?


MissShapes said...
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MissShapes said...

I totally agree with you! I have to excuse myself often because I'm NOT losing out on sleep for anything..haha.

MaryAnne K said...

Love Otis's little alligator outfit!

I LOVE when kids get worn out like this!