Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Cutest Little Naughty

Oh, Otis is so naughty lately.  And I know it's not because he's really "naughty" like doing it to piss me off, he's just frustrated with his lack of words and doesn't know how to communicate these intense feelings he has.  But nonetheless, when he flings guacamole all over your forehead while throwing a loaded chip across a Mexican restaurant, it's naughty.

But he has this sweetness to him that I hope stays.  He loves to cuddle.  He stands in his crib and calls "Mama, Mama, Mama!" in the morning (well, middle of the night?  4am when he comes into our bed...)  He loves to give hugs and kisses.  He gives thee most flirtatious looks to random strangers that say hi to him. 

As a friend said, kids are cute so their mothers don't eat them.  Indeed.


MaryAnne K said...

Such a gorgeous kid - both of them :)

Preparing for Peanut said...

Ethan loves chips and guac too! He hasn't flung one yet, but I'm sure he will. Otis is a doll.