Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Mess Making

Here's to learning through messy play!  Ingrid used to love painting, playing with rice and beans, washing dishes, and other messy activities.  Somehow I forgot about that and we hadn't done it in a long time.  But this week we have done plenty. 

I got the bowl of rice and beans out, to see how Otis would do.  He is in the shove-everything-into-your-mouth phase so I thought maybe he'd try to eat it, but surprisingly after I told him no a couple times he stopped trying to eat anything.  He loved to throw the rice and play with the guys.

Ingrid sat by and licked the beater from the cookies we were making at the time.

Yesterday Ingrid asked to do shaving cream painting so we did.  It was way messier than the first time, because I used too much food dye.  The blue was staining my hands so I had to mix more shaving cream in.  Luckily it did not stain them.  Otis was having a LOT of fun!

And then today after playing at a friend's house, we stopped by the thrift store and scored this fun toy.  Ingrid said she had it at school, and I can totally see this being in a Montessori class.  There are cards with pictures on it and rainbow foam pieces in different shapes.  You have to match the shapes up to make the pictures, it's pretty neat actually.  Ingrid loved it!  And it was only 90cents, yay!


Mommy, Papa and the 'Nuts said...

Awesome toy find! We have a magnetic one that cost $60!

(Hold on....I'm gonna puke...)

Haven't done messy rice play in ages either. THAT might just give me time to make dinner tonight! WHOOT!

becky v said...

I have GOT to start hitting the thrift stores.

Love Otis and his beans/rice! I recently made Ethan an oatmeal play box...he thought it was pretty darn cool. Messy, but cool.

Robin said...

I need to try the rice. Allen loves sifting his hands through popcorn kernels.

MaryAnne said...

Hooray for messy play!!!

And that is an awesome thrift store find!