Saturday, August 25, 2012

Rainbows, Bruises, and Siblings

We had a gorgeous double rainbow the other day.  You can't see the other one that was above this, but it was amazing.  It happened right after I put Ingrid to bed, I got her up from bed and she was all confused.  "Why did you wake me up to look at this?"  I thought she'd love it, I was wrong I guess...
Otis and I were playing ball the other day and somehow he face planted on the sidewalk.  Again.  I honestly do not know how it happened, one minute he was laughing and dancing, the next he was splat on the concrete.  His nose got a bit beat up...again.
Yesterday we did some painting early in the morn.  Otis is entranced by the finger paints, but he doesn't quite get that it goes on paper.  He also got one of the dot paints (like a big Bingo marker) and had a big smear of purple all over his cheek for the morning.  Apparently they don't wash off.
After painting we went outside to get some air before it rained.  We found all sorts of ways to get dirty before 9am!



OliversForest said...

oh poor little otis! ouch!

Preparing for Peanut said...

I can't wait till Ethan can finger paint! I've tried but he just wants to eat the paint and loses interest after about 2 seconds. We've tried paper AND bathtub walls...nada. Someday!

I love that these two play together so well. We need another one. :)