Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

We spent our weekend at the cottage.  It was super hot.  We didn't do much, went to the park, the beach, got hot dogs in Lake Geneva.  It would have been really relaxing had the kids cooperated.  Which they did not.  Otis was a complete nut job, grunting at everything and pointing like he just needed something so bad.  When you would grab something and ask him "is this it?" he'd hit it out of your hands and cry.  It was exhausting. 
Who, me?
Ingrid played and played and played and then crashed. 
She wanted to take a bath one night so she hopped up in the sink.  I can't believe she still fits in there!
We came home this morning and did laundry, weeded the garden, which has lots of sprouts from our green bean and carrot seeds!  Then we went to our friend's house for some backyard grill action.  I can't believe we've had so much summer already and it's just Memorial Day!

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Preparing for Peanut said...

Otis looks so OLD! Like a boy, not a baby! I can't believe how different they are at 17 months compared to 12.