Friday, June 6, 2008

Baths and sleeping problems

Here's a picture of Ingrid in her new bathtub. She liked it better than the sink where it was all slippery and I felt like I was going to drop her. She still has a screamy face but she's young. She'll get used to being bathed...

The past couple days Ingrid has been having lots of problems with sleeping. But haha, baby, we will not be bested!! She sleeps in the front pack, so mom can get stuff done around the house, and we figured out she likes her vibrating chair at night a lot better than the crib. So after a whopping four hours of sleep in a row!! mom is refreshed this morning.

Yesterday our friend Tia came over for a photo shoot with our little ham. Ingrid was neckid and peed all over me twice. But I'm sure the pictures will be fantastic. I'll post some when I get the cd from Tia. She's an amazing photographer for anyone in the Milwaukee area needing wedding/maternity/baby pictures. Hire her!

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